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We provide both close-ups and the entire stage at the same time!  If the dancers stay together, we use the camera to show all the dancers in relative close-up.  However, if the dancers spread out, we smoothly slide the shot of the entire stage to the bottom of the screen and use the upper part for closer shots of the dancers, using seamless split-screen.

We've had incredibly positive feedback from the studios we've shot for.  We even had one studio change the date of their yearly performance because we were previously booked for the date they had always performed on!

We use two 3-CCD cameras to capture the action and sound in great detail, and edit the production entirely digitally to retain every pixel of detail all the way to your DVD.

Though each dance is different, here is a short clip of a dance to try to show you the technique.  The quality had to be greatly reduced to let it flow through the Net, but you should get the idea.  In DVD quality, the effect is great!

Windows Media Player 9 Dance Sample (highest quality)

    Medium Quality    Dial Up (lowest quality)

(For the best quality, or if the clip does not play correctly, upgrade to )

As you see, it allows you to see the overall flow of the dance, seeing all the dancers, but also be able to see faces and individual performances.