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Factors to Consider in Choosing a Videographer

Many factors are very important in choosing a videographer, such as:

bulletYou must get along personally with the videographers
bulletBe sure you meet the actual people who will show up for your special day
bulletWe do not sub-contract to other videographers, so when we are booked for a particular day we turn away other clients for that day
bulletThey must know how to capture your special moments
bulletThey must be able to weave all the footage into a well-timed, interesting video that conveys the uniqueness of your special event
bulletThe equipment must be capable of getting clear video and sound in your conditions, and preserving this quality through the editing process to your copy of the video

The best way to ensure you get the first factors is to visit the videographers and view a sample tape with them.  It should be a full video, as delivered, not a demo tape of shots that turned out well.

Below we supply some details to help you judge the equipment.


We Have the Best Equipment!

The Best Cameras!

We use multiple 3-CCD (or 3-chip) all-digital Canon XL1 cameras. 

bulletBecause it has 3 CCD chips, the color and detail is muchxl1-219x175.gif (8422 bytes) better than the older, cheaper single CCD cameras commonly used.
bulletThe special Canon lens lets us zoom in much closer, without moving the camera, than the normally used cheaper lenses.
bulletThe combination of camera and lens lets us use whatever available light you have.


The Best Wireless Microphones!

We use multiple, high quality, professional wireless Samson microphones.

bulletWe can put a small, unobtrusive wireless microphone onSamson um1.jpg (12136 bytes) special people, as needed. 
bulletBecause of the special features of the Canon XL1 camera, we can get eight totally separate channels of sound with the video.
bulletDuring editing, we can choose the best audio track(s) for each particular scene, so you don't have to worry about talking while the songs are sung, for example.


The Best All-Digital Editing!

We use all-digital editing throughout your production.   Using a Canopus editing system, we can preserve the video and audio quality through all edits, effects, and transitions.

bulletAll video and audio is transferred directly from the digital camera master to the digital editor disk, preserving all of your image and sound.
bulletAll footage is artistically merged into a nicely flowing production, all on the disk.
bulletYour DVDs are made directly from the digital video data using top-end DVD conversion and authoring programs, preserving all your memories in crystal clarity!
bulletVHS copies, if desired, are created directly from the digital editor disk master via a high quality Distribution Amp to your copy of your production, keeping all the digital quality until the final analog conversion for VHS.


We Use Other Equipment to Preserve Your Memories

Even though the following equipment is not directly used to acquire, edit and deliver your video to you, it is nevertheless important to our making your day memorable and unforgettable.

bulletVideographer Communicators:  We use personal communicators to synchronize our shots.  Using click-codes, we can even communicate without making any external sounds!  And we can use these communicators while we continue to  listen to stereo headphones to ensure the quality of the audio for your video remains superb.
bulletHigh Quality Tripods:   Though often taken for granted, the Bogen tripods we use are also state of the art, fluid-head, smoothly operating, essential components of a smooth-running chronicle of your special event.
bulletVariable Intensity Video Light:  Even though we often do not use our video light atminifillanimation2.gif (36920 bytes) all during a reception, it is important to have it available.  Since we use a professional Frezzi Dimmer Mini-light, we can add only as much light as necessary to get a shot.
bulletMultiple Battery Packs:  We bring sufficient battery power to record your entire event, including any extra surprises!   Using small, light, on-camera batteries we can cover your event without concern for losing power.
bulletHigh Quality Video Projector:  Once you decide to create a special video (a Growing Up/Courtship Montage of the bride and groom with video from your Ceremony, a "Love Story", a "Hollywood Spoof", or whatever), you can choose to project it on our nine-foot screen at your rehearsal dinner or reception.  We use a high quality video projector to show your story, leaving an indelible impression on you and your guests!
bulletProfessional Quality Powered Amplifier: If you need amplification of your sound for up to 300 people, we have the solution.  Using three wireless (or wired) mics, stand mounted or lavaliere, we can amplify and broadcast your sound with 200 watts of power!  And since it is entirely self-contained, it has its own power!  So whether your event is inside or outside away from power sources, ask about our sound amplifier.



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