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Preserve and Share Your Memories

We can create a treasured video by transferring your photos to video, with transitions (dissolves, flying effects, etc.) of your choice.  And we can add music of your choice to help set the mood. 

We have the best equipment and experience to create just what you want.  All transfers and editing are fully digital, giving you clear, bright images.  And we can smoothly pan and zoom like you see on TV to add interest, focus attention, or show additional details in the picture.

An often overlooked additional benefit of preserving your photos and slides on video is to make a "backup".  Give copies to your friends and/or family and your memories are preserved even if there is water or other damage to the original pictures.

You can also combine the photo montage with moving video that you take or have us capture in our studio.  Some people have asked relatives from all over the county to send in a 30 second clip from their camcorder, and those "Best Wishes" (or whatever!) clips are interweaved into the montage to create an even more personal and memorable experience.


Make a Tribute Video to Show at Birthday or Anniversary Party

Gather special photos to make a tribute video for your parent's birthday or anniversary party.  We can show the video for you at the party if you like on our giant nine-foot screen.  Guaranteed to make them laugh and cry, and remember the party forever!


Here Are a Few Possible Uses for Your Pictures on Video

bulletShare family memories with your grown kids
bulletMake a special family tape for your parents for Christmas or Anniversary
bulletShare the memories from your club or group
bulletMake a tribute tape for birthdays or anniversaries
bulletMake a tape just for yourself!
bulletPreserve a special vacation or event by putting your photos on video


See a Sample Video

Though each montage is different, here is a short clip of one to try to show you the technique.  The quality had to be greatly reduced to let it flow through the Net, but you should get the idea.  In DVD quality, the effect is great!

Windows Media Player 9 Montage Sample (highest quality)

    Medium Quality    Dial Up (lowest quality)

(If the clip does not play correctly, upgrade to )


Please see some comments from a few of our past customers.


Please email or call 1 (434) 9video1  or  1 (434) 984-3361  for prices and to discuss possible options for your video!