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Growing Up/Courtship Montage

Evoking both emotion and memories, the Growing Up/Courtship Montage is a flowing assembly of photos.  It usually starts with the groom growing up, then the bride, and finally evolves into the meeting, courtship, and engagement period.

We add transitions as appropriate and as you prefer.  We also add motion and zooms to some photos, as needed by the particular photo.  Color correction and contrast correction is also performed if required, and photos are also digitally repaired as needed.

Here is a short sample of a Growing Up/Courtship Montage video! (highest quality)

    Medium Quality    Dial Up (lowest quality)

(If the clip does not play correctly, upgrade to )


Honeymoon Montage

See the description for the Growing Up/Courtship Montage, except here we use your Honeymoon photos instead!  The perfect way to keep your special honeymoon memories always preserved, and add a perfect ending to your Wedding Video.

Here is a short sample of a Honeymoon Montage video! (highest quality)

    Medium Quality    Dial Up (lowest quality)

(If the clip does not play correctly, upgrade to )


Additional hour of coverage

Decide what time you would like us to start videoing (at least a half hour before the start of the ceremony).  Now decide when you would like us to turn off the cameras at the end of your reception.  That's how many hours you need.

Now subtract five (since five hours are included in the Basic 2 Camera Package).  This is the number of options you need for additional time.

For example, if your ceremony starts at 2:30 PM, and you would like us to get an hour and a half of getting ready video before it starts, we would start videoing at 1:00 PM.  If the reception is scheduled to go until 9:00 PM, then you need eight hours of coverage.  Subtract five hours from the eight, and you get three for this option category.


Customized DVD with chapters to let you go straight to the event you want to see 

With this option you get a beautifully authored DVD with full menu to let you go straight to what you would like to see.  You can typically go to "Bride Getting Ready", "processional", "Vows", "Kiss and Recessional", "Introductions", "First Dance", "Bouquet", "Recap", among many others!

When someone special comes over it is quite common to want to show them a particular part of the video - maybe the part with them in it!  With the DVD you can go straight to the section you're thinking about.

Also, the quality of a DVD is much better than VHS.  By the definition of VHS, the DVD can hold nearly twice as much detail in the picture!  And our cameras can capture over twice the detail you can see on VHS.

Also, as the years go by, our TVs will get better and better.  In a decade or two, we'll all have High Definition sets.  And your children certainly will, when they go back and watch your video!  If you throw away the additional resolution now by only getting VHS, you can never get it back.


Three interviews of people of your choice

If you like, we can interview special people of your choice.  We then take these interviews and weave the comments together to tell and narrate your story - how you grew up, how you met, how you proposed, etc.  All the information and people that should be preserved for your kids!

If you might be interested in having interviews, please try to see a sample video showing how we use  them to bring your day and life alive!


Ceremony footage added to Growing Up/Courtship Montage and shown on giant screen at your reception!  (Requires purchase of Giant Screen option)

Many couples have this as a key point of their reception!  Usually done just after dinner, we show your Montage on our big screen.

That in itself is very memorable, but with this option we get a big "Wow!" factor by adding clips from your wedding ceremony to the end of the Montage!

It creates a moving and memorable experience.  We've had many couples com back after months or years and tell us that that was the highlight of the reception!

While the newly created video is showing, we normally capture the reactions of the couple and also the crowd, and show some of these in the finished video.

(If the clip does not play correctly, upgrade to )

Here is a short sample of a reaction to the Ceremony Added video! (highest quality)

    Medium Quality    Dial Up (lowest quality)

Here's another.  Note that this is as it was actually shown at the reception, complete with ceremony footage...

Windows Media Player 9 Vineyard Ceremony Added (highest quality)

    Medium Quality    Dial Up (lowest quality)

(If the clip does not play correctly, upgrade to )


Customized, separate interview of the couple's story (counts as two options)

This goes beyond the normal interview and captures your story for generations to come.  Similar to many selections in "The Wedding Story" on TV, we interview each of you separately and then as a couple.

We then weave all the comments together to convey your story in your own words.


Two additional DVD video copies after first

Each Package comes with a specified number of copies.  If you would like more copies (and also choose the DVD Option), you can get them here.