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What Are Your Packages?

All Packages Include:

All wedding video packages provide the same uncompromised quality of your ceremony and reception coverage, special interview techniques if desired, all-digital editing, and attention to detail.  Only the extent of coverage and editing, and the number and mix of specific features, vary from package-to-package.

bulletUnobtrusive at all times - we only move if you say to
bulletNo-charge planning consultation meetings
bulletNo-charge rehearsal attendance
bulletProfessional equipment used throughout (low-light digital 3-chip cameras, professional wireless microphones, low-level variable lights only if needed during the reception, all digital editing, etc.)
bulletMultiple wireless microphones
bulletIf necessary, we provide unobtrusive, low-level lighting for special parts of the reception (only when required and never during the wedding ceremony)
bulletCrew coordination via 2-way radio
bulletArtistically sensitive, customized editing
bulletDigital special effects, computer-generated titles, if desired
bulletFull-color, customized DVD and/or videotape album cover with photos from your wedding
bulletProfessional, helpful, experienced personnel who listen to your requirements and wishes
bulletOur personal total commitment and guarantee to you!


Start By Choosing a Package

Most clients start with one of our published packages. Then they may add other services and features to create a custom package satisfying their exact needs and budget.  Virtually anything is possible.

Unlike many companies, we allow you to customize your Package to be exactly what you want.  Thus, just choose from the "menu" of options below and get your special Package.


Choose a Package Here

There are three main steps in choosing a Package:

bulletMake a note of the desired quantity for each of the following Customization Options
bulletTotal the options you would like
bulletClick on the number of options you come up with

Please see our Wedding Frequently Asked Questions for answers to common questions.

Customization Options

Choose any number of the following options (click on the option to see a description, and maybe a sample!):

bullet1 -Growing Up/Courtship Montage
bullet1 -Honeymoon Montage
bullet? -Additional half hour of coverage (add as many as you like to the 5 hours in the Basic 2 Camera Package)
bullet1 -Customized DVD with chapters to let you go straight to the event you want to see
bullet1 -Two interviews of people of your choice
bullet3 -Ceremony footage added to Growing Up/Courtship Montage and shown on giant screen at your reception!  (Requires purchase of Giant Screen option, counts as three options)
bullet3 -Customized, separate interview of couple's story (counts as three options)
bullet1 -Three additional DVD video copies beyond what the Package comes with

Add all the options from the above list and click on that number:

No Options

1 Option

4 Options

7 Options

10 Options

More than 10 options!

(For example, if you would like 7 hours of coverage, customized DVD, a Growing Up/Courtship Montage, and a Honeymoon Montage, that comes to seven [4+1+1+1] options.)



Package Descriptions


The first two Packages do not include any additional options, but provide a nice video with one or two manned cameras for the budget-conscious bride...


Simplicity Package

The Simplicity Package is beautifully produced with many nice touches that make it an absolute pleasure to watch.  The Simplicity Package:

bulletIs designed for the budget-conscious bride
bulletDemands uncompromised quality, but is willing to forego some coverage and features that distinguish our upgrade packages
bulletProvides four full hours of expert wedding day coverage by one camera-person, plus an additional unmanned digital camera set up to capture the action from a different viewpoint

Coverage starts at least a half hour before the start of the ceremony, and continues with the ceremony and reception.  All in all, you will receive an entertaining and beautifully crafted video which captures every major event of your special day!

Includes two copies of your beautiful custom-packaged video!


Basic 2 Camera Package

The Basic 2 Camera Package is our introductory two camera-person package.  It builds on the Simplicity Package with the following features...

bulletSecond camera-person during the ceremony and reception
bulletCoverage of ladies getting ready if desired
bulletFive full hours of wedding day coverage


Upgraded 2 Camera Package

The Upgraded 2 Camera Package builds on the Basic 2 Camera Package by providing...

bulletChoice of one option from Customization Options
bullet30 photos in the Montage, if chosen

So, for example, you could use your option to have 5 hours of 2 camera coverage, and also have a Growing Up/Courtship Montage.


Heirloom Package

The Heirloom Package builds on the Upgraded 2 Camera Package with...

bulletThree copies of your beautiful custom-packaged video
bulletChoice of four options from Customization Options
bullet35 photos per Montage, if chosen

 For example, you could use this to create a Package with six hours of coverage.



Artist's Choice Package

The Artist’s Choice Package, our most popular package, adds to t

bulletFour copies of your beautiful custom-packaged video
bulletChoice of seven from Customization Options
bullet40 photos per Montage, if chosen

For example, this could be used for a Package with seven hours of coverage with customized DVD menus, and a Growing Up / Courtship Montage, and a Honeymoon Montage!


Treasure Package

All features of the Artist's Choice Package, plus...

bulletChoice of ten from Customization Options
bullet45 photos per Montage, if chosen

For example, this would allow you to create a Package with 8 hours of coverage, customized DVD menus, and six interviews used to tell the story of who you are, how you met and proposed, and more to your children and grandchildren!


It could be a Package with 9 and a half hours of coverage and customized DVD menus!



Masterpiece Package

The Masterpiece Package builds on the Treasure Package with up to 11 hours of wedding day coverage...

bulletFive custom-authored DVDs of your beautiful custom-packaged video
bullet Up to eleven hours wedding day coverage
bulletUnlimited personalized interviews in the time available, if desired
bulletDisplay on nine foot screen at reception!
bulletChoice of four from Customization Options
bullet60 photos per Montage, if chosen

For example, this would allow you to create a Package with up to 11 hours of coverage, customized DVD menus, a Growing Up / Courtship Montage, a Honeymoon Montage, three additional DVDs, and interviews used to tell the story of who you are, how you met and proposed, and more to your children and grandchildren!



Supreme Gold Package

The Supreme Gold Package, the ultimate wedding video, builds on the Masterpiece Package...

bulletAll features of the Masterpiece!
bulletSix sets of custom-authored DVDs of your beautiful custom-packaged video
bulletTwo DVDs per set, if needed
bulletRehearsal dinner coverage
bulletCustom "Love Story" video, if desired
bulletChoice of seven from Customization Options
bulletUp to 100 photos per Montage, if chosen
bulletAdditional, separate copy of raw, unedited video
bulletUp to four hours on a separate day to get additional interviews or other coverage of your choice!


Also be sure to see our add-on options to further customize how your keepsake preserves your special day for generations to come.

Please email or call 1 (434) 9video1  or  1 (434) 984-3361  for  prices and package customization options



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