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What's Different From Most of the Competition?


No Surprises With Strangers on Your Wedding Day!

When you shop for a videographer for your wedding you want to know as much as possible about who will actually be spending much of this special day with you.  Be sure you can get along with the videographers!

Also, make sure the people who you meet when purchasing the package are the same people who will show up to do the video.  You are creating a relationship from the start.  With us, you always deal with the owners of the company, and we will be the ones you work with during your special day.  We try to meet you before the wedding, and attend the rehearsal so you have no surprises on the day itself.  We do not "farm out" jobs to other random videographers as many other companies do.


Best Equipment!

We use multiple 3-CCD (or 3-chip) all-digital cameras and multiple professional wireless microphones.  We then edit on a fully digital editing system.  Your copies of the wedding video, whether on DVD or VHS, are made directly from the first generation digital master!  This provides you with the clearest, sharpest video and audio possible.  Click here for more details on our equipment.


Unique Videos Flow Like a Movie

Though each video is different to reflect the couple, if you like we can use interviews from friends and family to weave a story into the day's events.   Most couples value the interviews more and more as the years go by.  And since we use special techniques to get the interviewee to talk naturally, and we edit the comments into an interesting flow, you end up with treasured comments.  Not just someone thrusting a microphone at someone and getting the same "Best wishes" from each person at the dinner table as in some other videos you may have seen.  Click here for more details of how we edit your special video.


Some Sample Clips to Capture the "Feel" of the Day

Here are a few clips that capture the couple to convey a feeling of them to future generations...

(For the best quality, or if the clip does not play correctly, upgrade to )

Windows Media Player 9 Swing the Bride (highest quality)

    Medium Quality    Dial Up (lowest quality)

and here is a message from the phone answering machine about the previous video...

Windows Media Player 9 Thrilled AUDIO


In this video, the couple came initially knowing they wanted a different kind of video, and wanted it to end with the couple leaving the reception in a special way...

Windows Media Player 9 Skinny Dip (highest quality)

    Medium Quality    Dial Up (lowest quality)

In this clip, the couple take a carriage to the reception at the house where the bride grew up, with her horses...

Windows Media Player 9 Winter Carriage (highest quality)

    Medium Quality    Dial Up (lowest quality)

Here the couple went for a walk in the fields...

Windows Media Player 9 Top Hat (highest quality)

    Medium Quality    Dial Up (lowest quality)

Here is another clip with the reception at the bride's growing-up house...

Windows Media Player 9 Red Roses (highest quality)

    Medium Quality    Dial Up (lowest quality)

For this clip, the couple had scheduled a balloon ride early the next morning after the wedding...

Windows Media Player 9 Balloon Ride (highest quality)

    Medium Quality    Dial Up (lowest quality)

Here the entire wedding party came to the reception in golf carts...

Windows Media Player 9 Golf Carts (highest quality)

    Medium Quality    Dial Up (lowest quality)

Or maybe have a surprise fireworks display for the couple...

Windows Media Player 9 Fireworks (highest quality)

    Medium Quality    Dial Up (lowest quality)

(For the best quality, or if the clip does not play correctly, upgrade to )


We Can Put Your Pictures on the Web

If you like, we can place selected pictures from your video on the Web.  We can provide you a special Web address that only you will know, if desired, or we can make your pictures available from our site in the pictures area.  This lets you share your day easily with friends and family who were unable to attend, whether they are ten miles away or halfway around the world!


We Provide Your Keepsake Videos in Custom Plastic Cases

Most clients really like our customized cases.  If you prefer, you can order a leather case instead of the normal customized "Disney Style" white plastic.Ron & Chris Front.JPG (240277 bytes)

Ron & Chris Back.JPG (394596 bytes)

    <--  Front





        Back   --->






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